2010 State of Growth

Purple Alexander Palm

Bromeliad Explosion !

The Royals !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Same spot in 2002
(halfway back to 1 gal size in 1995).


1 gallon palms to THIS in only 15 years !!!!!!?????!!!!!

The old upper "plantation"

Fiji Fan palm

The Longan !
ended up being the most prolific quality fruiter.
Not sure if this successful one is the "Kohala", "Biew Kiew" or Sri "Champoo" variety.

Longan fruit
Beyond delicious, especially frozen !


A "Jette" project. Nice harvest.

The entry to "the lower 40", note the Royals !
This is CLEARLY an extreme, multimilliondollar dream estate,
rarely seen on this planet Earth.

Bismarck & Solitaire palms.


Fiji fan, an impressively powerful Palm !

Mac Arthur palm, a very elegant Palm !

Queen palm by the water tank area.

Alexander palms & Yellow Poinciana.
The Starapple next is HUUUUGE, neglected to snap a photo....
The Assai' likewise !


The Curry leaf, medium grower but healthy.

Mountain apple & Star apple.


Nutmeg !

A beautiful tree from the Banda islands !

Clove, a FANTASTIC tree from Maluku !!!
The Cinnamon was a beaut as well.

The Mamey (Red) Sapote (in the middle) has not grown a whole lot.
Eggfruit (on the right) was OK.

Manila palm


Fishtail Palm, Awesome ! Prolific & healthy.

The lower Lychee, no fruit yet, 15 yrs old, the Longan wins.

Upper Lychee, also no fruit yet.
Supposed to be a prolific yielder, low hangin Oahu variety.

The Hala from the beach !

The "frontier" now nice n thick. The Arecas ao lado quite nice.

Bottle Palm, slow grower as expected.

The lower Mangosteen, the sole survivor, is in there somewhere, doin ok.

The Mac Arthurs around the Chalet, Beauts ! as expected.

Some of the Kentia Palms are doing OK. Slow growers as expected.

The Chalet Queens a bit stunted.

Fiji Fan & the "double" jungle palms from Sammy's lot doing crazy good.

Teddy Bear palm doing OK.